File Type:

    • PDF/X-1a is the accepted format. (PDF must pass preflight inspection)
    • We will accept EPS or TIFF files if a PDF cannot be provided. (All fonts must be converted to outlines.)
    • We no longer accept InDesign or Quark files except in cases of emergency.
    • We DO NOT accept Pagemaker, Corel Draw or Publisher files.

File Specs:

    • All digital images must be CMYK and at least 300 dpi at 100%, and bitmapped images must be 600 dpi at 100%.
    • Images intended to be faintly visible must comprise of at least 6% of each color.
    • DO NOT use spot colors in either graphic files or ad files.
    • All fonts must be embedded.
    • Please check your PDF accordingly before submission. File must pass PDF/X-1a preflight inspection.
    • DO NOT include crop marks on PDF

File Submission:

    • Send all ad files to the Materials Coordinator in one of the following ways:
    • Email or send Dropbox link to materials@compassmedia.com
    • Ship CD of files to Compass Media LLC.
      • Attn: Client Materials Coordinator
      • 4851 Wharf Pkwy, D204
      • Orange Beach, AL 36561



Responsive Display

  • Click-through URL
  • MAX FILE SIZE: 5120kb
  • Images: ( 2 or more high-quality images. 1 square and 1 landscape required):
    • Landscape (1.91:1): Recommended: 1200x628px. Min required: 600×314px
    • Square: (1:1) Recommended: 1200x1200px. Min required: 300×300px
  • Logos:
    • Landscape (4:1): Recommended: 1200×300px. Min required: 512×128px
    • Square: (1:1) Recommended: 1200 x 1200px. Min required: 128×128px
    • The IN PARTNERSHIP WITH VISIT FLORIDA logo and participant logo must be included on the image.
  • Headlines:
    • Up to 5 headlines (30 characters max per headline)
  • Long Headline:
    • 90 characters max
  • Descriptions:
    • Up to 5 descriptions (90 characters max per description)
  • Business Name:
    • 25 characters max

Traditional Banner

  • Click-through URL
  • Popular Sizes: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600, 320×100, 320×50, 300×600
  • MAX FILE SIZE: 150kb
  • ACCEPTED FILE FORMATS: jpg/gif/png
  • The IN PARTNERSHIP WITH VISIT FLORIDA logo and participant logo must be included on the banner.
  • Animated ads (GIF) Animation length and speed:
    • Animation length must be 30 seconds or shorter
    • Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds
    • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FP



  • Dimensions: 960x720px and 960x540px 
  • Audio Bitrate: 128 kbps or higher
  • Video Bitrate: 2.0 MBps or higher
  • Preferred format: mp4 (h.264)
  • Max video file size: 200 MB


  • URL of YouTube Video (must be public on youtube)
  • Click-through URL

Please send all ad files to the Materials Coordinator by emailing files or sending a Dropbox link to materials@compassmedia.com.