Social Media Marketing

Paid Social Media Advertising Helps Your Business Find Prospective Customers Using an Amazing Array of Targeting Methods.

Maybe you’re confused about the ads you’ve seen on Facebook—and whether they were really ads at all. Some
are sponsored. Some are on the right side, and some are in your newsfeed. Some are still, and some are moving.

You’ve probably asked yourself the same question many others have too: What is a Facebook ad and does it
work? Fortunately, there’s a very-well proven answer: YES. Facebook advertising works incredibly well.
Just as paid search helps prospective customers find your business, paid social helps your business find
prospective customers. Navigating the myriad of options and choosing what’s best for your goals is a daunting task most business owners don’t know how to tackle. Fortunately for you, we do—and we always deliver!

How We Find Your Target Audience:

Marital Status

Interests/Affinity Groups

Household Income

Person's Age

Day-parting/Ad Schedules

Connections (to your app or page)

Person's Gender



How We Reach Your Audience:


Mobile News Feed: Appears as a sponsored post in a mobile news feed.


Desktop News Feed: Appears as a sponsored post in a desktop news feed.


Desktop Right Column: Appears on the right-hand side of the screen. These smaller ads appear on desktop only.


Instagram: Appears as a sponsored post in your Instagram feed.


Audience Network (FAN): A collection of mobile apps where Facebook advertisers serve ads using the same targeting and measurement tools that are used on Facebook.


Retargeting: With our Facebook pixel code, we build a list of your website visitors and can advertise to these people who have already visited your site. Similarly, we can target your Facebook page visitors or create lookalike audiences based on your site or page visitors.

We Create the Right Ad Campaigns to Reach Your Goals:

Tell us what you want to accomplish. We’ll pull out all the best tools to get you there. There are many ad formats we can utilize based on your goals. Using our Facebook Pixel code, we can track your desired conversion actions for any of these ad formats.


Link Ads: Generate traffic from your Facebook or Instagram ad to another destination—most often to a website/landing page. Link ads can have a single image, a carousell of images, a video or a slide show.


Post Engagement Ads: Generate user engagements, counting all actions that people take. We create ads from selected page posts and customize the targeting for your audience. We track user actions of any kind (likes, comments, clicks, shares, app installs).


Lead Generation Ads: Generate leads that you can import into your email list by creating a strong call-to-action, such as signing up for a special or deal. We work with you to format the fields you want to collect. The list is automatically saved to your page so you can access and download it at any time.


Conversion Ads: Generate conversions from Facebook or Instagram link ads such as purchases, email sign-ups, downloads and more. We will supply you with our Facebook Pixel code and installation instructions so we can track the number of conversion actions, optimize your campaign and achieve your goals.


Video Ads: Generate video views that are cost effective—you are only charged if the person watches 3 seconds or more. Additionally, we can add a website link to the ad to generate site links, and you are only charged by the view.


Canvas Ads: Entice your visitors to enter into an immersive, mobile experience that brings your content to life. Build a custom combination of videos, images (single, panoramic, carousel), text, product catalogs or call-to-action buttons. People can swipe through, tilt to view a panoramic image, zoom in to view images in detail, and click through a variety of links to any page on your site. Canvas ads load as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web ads and sites.


Facebook Collection Ads: Drive mobile purchases using video, images and messaging to create an immersive shopping experience. This is an excellent way to present your products in both your organic feed in in your paid Facebook advertising.


Reach Ads: Reach people near your business using a call-to-action button such as: “Call Now,” “Get Directions,” “Send Message” and more. Reach ads can utilize images, carousels, video and more to deliver your message and connect with your audience.

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