Programmatic Advertising

Our geo-fencing and programmatic ad specialists utilize a set of tools and technology to target your most desired audience, wherever or whoever they may be, with bidding down to the micro-minute.

How We Find Your Target Audience:

Tell us who, what, when and where, and we’ll find your audience using a number of parameters:

Marital Status

Interests/Affinity Groups

Household Income

Connections (to your app or page)

Person's Age

Day-parting/Ad Schedules

Parental Status

Person's Gender




Campaign Features:

Real-time bidding means major national online publishers offer their inventory up to an ad exchange, where bidding takes place instantly for that inventory.
We can reach audiences through Direct Inventory, Private Marketplaces and the Open Exchange.

We can target our ads based on Age, Income, Education, Gender, Marital Status, Interests, Behavior and more.

Geo-targeting and Geo-fencing allow us to pinpoint down to the zip code or in a radius of a location.
Data from publishers during site registrations and third party sources is also bundled into precise targeting audiences.

Behavioral Targeting and Contextual Targeting means we can target those who have been to certain sites or who are viewing certain content as well as offline actions.

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