Content Marketing

You’ve long-heard that content is king. We definitely agree.

Telling a compelling story about your business or destination is a crucial part of a successful marketing plan. But if your story doesn’t have an audience, then your content is a lonely, ineffective king.

With Compass Media’s Content + Clicks integrated program, we harness the power of the Google Display Network to reach a qualified, targeted audience for the well-crafted content we produce. It truly is a powerful combination, and one that delivers results for you.

We know you need a qualified audience to consume your content. That’s where our digital marketing team takes over. They work closely with you to define what audience you are seeking. Then they tap into the power of the Google Display Network to create a targeted campaign, one that is monitored and adjusted as needed to achieve the goals.

The result: The story you want to tell and the audience you want to reach!

How Does It Work?



1. Let’s talk. The best stories come when one of our writers spends time talking with you about your business or destination. We’ll learn what makes you special.


2. We write. We’ll produce a long-form article (>800 words) and send it over for your review. We’ll pair it with images from your library.


3. You post. Once the article is approved, we’ll provide it back to you to post it on your website, ideally in a blog section surrounded by other engaging content you have on your website. We’ll include suggested meta data to optimize your post.



1. Let’s talk. We’ll work with you to determine the ideal audience for this new piece of content.


2. We create. To capture the attention of your target audience, we’ll create 2-3 responsive display units using images you provide. We’ll create headlines and ad copy to accompany your images so the responsive ad units will entice your audience to click through to your rich, site content.


3. We target. We use numerous targeting methods to get your ads delivered to an audience that is interested in your custom article. We target your ideal audience through location, demographics, user interests, site topics and more.


4. We manage. We’ll assign a dedicated campaign manager to your account. He/she will closely monitor and optimize your display ad campaign to maximize results and relevant exposure.


5. We report. Each month of the campaign, you’ll receive a report and our strategic recommendations.

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