Content Producer

Position Description
Scope of Work – Content Producer
Compass Media is searching for a content producer. What kind of content, you ask? Well, that depends on our clients. For the most part we work with fun-loving folks in the tourism and travel industry, and mainly in the Southeast. But occasionally the request for our help comes from other industries such as medical, financial and manufacturing.

We’re looking for a smart, adaptable person who can step into the voice of the client to propose topics and write content for social media channels, blogs and newsletters.

The work may extend beyond the writing, so skills in managing social media channels would be handy. By that we mean someone who can schedule and boost posts intelligently by analyzing the available data.

For those blogs, it would be ideal to have our writer also be the one who accesses the website admin and creates the blog. That means our candidate would need to be able to acquire any needed images, create the blog, to include keywords and SEO strategy, and schedule it.

How about newsletters? Yep. We have a need for a writer on those too. The needs vary from client to client, but always require savvy subject lines and lead-in copy.

If you’re interested in producing high-quality content with us, here’s a bit more about the position. We’re looking for someone to work on a contract basis. Each job will have a flat fee, priced based on the complexity of the subject matter, the word count and frequency.

Sound like something you’d like to do? Get in touch at and let’s start talking.