Hiring Project Manager

Job Description:

Compass Media is growing and we’re searching for a project manager to help carry some of the load. For the most part we work with fun-loving folks in the tourism and travel industry, and mainly in the Southeast. But occasionally our work comes from other industries such as medical, financial and manufacturing.

 We’re looking for a smart, adaptable person who is (to use some cliché phrases) capable of seeing the big picture, client focused, deadline driven and a team leader. Translation: we are looking for someone who gets it and gets it done.

 How do you know if you are a good candidate? Experience with print publications – from concept to printing – would be ideal. Knowledge of tourism and travel will score bonus points. Website admin skills? Yep. Those are good as well. Social media savvy? That would certainly come in handy. Previous work interacting with a sales team, accounting and distribution? Yes to all of the above.

To Apply:

Are you the right person for our team? Is our company the right fit for you? Get in touch and let’s start talking. If you are interested, please submit your resume to greatjobs@compassmedia.com.