September 2015

“What part of Y’all don’t Y’all Understand?” – Unapologetically Southern; that’s pretty much how we describe ourselves and at some point each one of us here at Compass Media have found ourselves making that clarification to someone else (typically to one of those “big city” agency types.) And while the description of being THE agency for “Southern Lifestyle, Leisure, Tourism and Travel” is a total mouthful we mostly “land the plane” in describing ourselves by just naming our clients. (Yeah, you know who you are…)

So we went a step further…we birthed a new website.

After labor pains, 5pm beers and polite squalls over copy points we just went ahead and put it all out there, like a Country Ham at a picnic. We tried hard to be all “New York/big agency/too cool” sounding but you know it just didn’t really fit in well; sort of like wearing a tube top to church.

In the words of our Founder, Gary Ellis; “Why walk the horse down the street when clearly he just wants gallop in his own direction.” So we just let that horse roam, and clearly he went his own way.

Things We are Loving Right Now – Because social media is the modern man’s gossip fence we see that Facebook has put a premium on just how darned far your Facebook posts go in the land of “Viral.” It’s not just “Gee, my Facebook post got 100 Likes and 10 shares.”

Nawwww… Facebook wants to show you just how “viral” really works. In the “View Insights” module for each post, Facebook now has “Reach” and perpetuity metrics showing you the cumulative Reach and Actions (Like, Comment, Share) from EVERY action. So even if you had 10 shares you can now see how many Actions THOSE shares got you.

On the flip side you can now really see how far your “Hey Man, Watch This” accidental post of a video no one should see on Facebook has really traveled. (Remember, if you won’t wear on a T-shirt in front of your Grandma, you probably shouldn’t put it on Facebook)

Ain’t That Special? – Congrats, Biscuits and Mint Juleps to our colleagues at Coastal Alabama Partnership. The “Visit Coastal Alabama” effort that we are pleased as punch to be a part of just won the Alabama Department of Tourism & Travel “Partnership of the Year.” We love our party pals in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, North Baldwin, South Mobile, Eastern Shore, Mobile Bay, City of Foley, Coastal Alabama Business Chamber, Sweet Home Alabama, Alabama Seafood and South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce.

See all of our work, their work and all the fun here:

Yeah, we have a lot of smart Friends

Until Next Time Campers…