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“What part of Y’all don’t Y’all Understand?” – It’s a BIG “Hey Y’all” from all of us as we have launched the NEW Visit South Website! It’s been hours and late nights, weekends and a lot of work. But the team involved has been relentless and driven and fiddle-dee-dee we got it done! Come feast your eyes on amazing visuals, incredible content and a whole lotta’ South for Your Mouth!

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Did we mention the FOOD?

Things We are Loving Right Now – Well not really. For travel marketers like us, as soon as we master Google’s latest hurdle to jump through they do what they always do and make the hurdle a little higher and the flames a little hotter.

Their latest move involves restacking travel search returns on mobile devices making it almost impossible for users to locate you the organic and natural way via SEO that we have all grown to maneuver. In fact, Google has just road-blocked (literally and figuratively) any option marketers have to get their travel wares out there.

Our trusted friends at Search Engine Land (the Danny Sullivan group, we love him!) has more.

Say What? – Thanks to the successful trending of hashtag coagulants (yep, these things: #) related to the 2016 Election, hit TV shows like The Bachelor, Walking Dead, and trends like “Dabbing” there is now a new nemesis on the horizon; the “Hash-Hostage,” or “SPAM-Jackers” (Or “Fleas” as we call them.)

Hash-Hostage tricks are the trolls that post un-related ads, SPAM, Twitter Porn and other unexpected content using the coagulant trend of the moment. If you look up all the tweets that have #TheBachelor you will notice that there is an increasing amount of tweets that are completely unrelated to the show but are from “Please-notice-me” aspiring musicians and bands and desperate souls looking for a viral pick up. Unfortunately it’s also an open door for adult-content Twitter accounts, SPAM, Phish-Ware and other rodents to get on your newsfeed for a Hashtag coagulant you are following (or your child is) and you cannot filter them out unless you block the account.

No, there is nothing you can do to prevent the “Fleas” from attaching themselves to your campaign, but you can keep an eye out for those accounts that seem to do it a lot and simply block them. It won’t kill them, but it can keep your newsfeed from looking like Times Square instead of Main Street.

Ain’t That Special? – We have a few new opportunities at Compass Media to join this very rapidly expanding team and huge truckloads of work headed our way. If you’re ready for a challenge, a lot of new skills to add to your arsenal and no doubt the best subject matter to work on (HELLO Travel Fans!) then we may just have a spot for you.

See them here!

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