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“What part of Y’all don’t Y’all Understand?” – It’s 4th Quarter and it’s usually the busiest quarter for folks like us. This year is no exception; new business, old business, first quarter plans and 2016 expansion are all the things we are head’s down on. We are so appreciative of our growing product & services list and new clients that we are getting to know that sometimes we forget to thank each other for being in the trenches together. Laughter heard up and down the halls, video conference meetings and cell phone calls that get us jumping out of our chairs are only part of it. Some days are easier than others but in this time of giving Thanks, we are Thankful for one another and the collaboration it takes to keep the bus moving forward. Full calendars, 100 new emails and piles of work mounting can always be smoothed away by saying “Thanks for being there” to our colleagues (and for a few of us, buying each other a beer!)


As we look forward to breaking bread with loved ones don’t forget to thank each other for a job well done.   🙂

Things We are Loving Right Now – Social Media Sponsored ads are now one of the most effective means of digital advertising, so says eMarketer. “Social media users say sponsored social messages are equally—if not more—effective as other types of marketing tactics, according to the results of a July 2015 survey. Even newer platforms such as Periscope and Snapchat ranked higher than more mature tactics like search or print ads.”

eMarketer paid social chart

We would wholeheartedly agree. Sponsored (or boosted) Facebook posts generate more than 50% of overall reach and perpetuity for many of our clients. We also find that acquisition also picks up in proportion with the level of boost as well. The granular ability to target key areas, demos and interests are just some of the reasons it performs so successfully.

Say What? – According to Apple Music head honcho (the legendary producer, Jimmy Iovine) women are just “perhaps a little too dense” to find music online. In a bizarre appeal to market Apple Music to an expanded genre and demographic, Iovine explained that “women – some women find it difficult to find music online. [So we have] created playlists for them to make it easier.”

Seriously? Say What? He goes on to say that girls are likely too “upset about boys” to figure out how to find songs to soothe their sorrow. You can’t make this stuff up, y’all.

Abby Lee Seriously

Here is whole story, and some hilarious Tweets that forced Iovine to walk it all back.

Ain’t That Special? – We want to wish a very special “Congrats” to our very own set of secret brides. Both Sales Support member, Deanna Engleman and Digital Marketing Specialist, Dianna Levin have taken the plunge and announced they have married their respective guys in weekday, “oh no you didn’t,” surprise ceremonies. We are still all collecting our shock when we got the emails that said, “Yeah, uhhh, I am getting married in a few hours…”

Deanna and her new hubby are settled in Gulf Shores and Dianna and her Navy Pilot are settling in Newport News, VA while awaiting his deployment. Congrats to you both and here’s to hoping for a big reception soon!

Until Next Time Campers…