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Things We are Loving Right Now – We don’t always get a chance to slice our own cake too often and take a bow for our work but we are really proud of the re-launch of Coast and also soon-to-launch reprogram of Coast 360 TV. This staple for Gulf Coast tourists has been around many years and has stood strong during great vacation seasons and tougher seasons after the BP spill… but we are uncovering a new and emerging Coast 360 with robust content, fantastic coupons, event listings and plenty of advertisers from Fine Dining to GoKarts. We have much more to add to the site so keep an eye on it.

However, want to know where to get the best meal if you’re on a budget, or how to “Shade” in the Gulf Sun or even what the heck to do with bored teens while on vacation – we gotcha covered!


Say What? – This particular MOZ article had our web and digital team looking like this:



So is it possible that selling and encouraging SEO services is now a moot point? And if Google is following the Facebook algorithm of making it monetary as a prime driver of “relevance” then it really indeed changes the game for what you can attempt in SEO to help the little guys play in the sandbox with the big guys.

But – as the author points out, you have to get beyond Google… and we can help with that!   🙂


Ain’t That Special? – Congrats to us – and to our Clients at Coastal Alabama Partnership. We were named one of the Top Instagram accounts for Alabama Capturing Natural Beauty by We love working on this Instagram account and it truly is a labor of love and a feast for the eyes! Congrats to the Digital team and also to our amazing Partners for Visit Coastal Alabama!

See the article here: