Cocktail and Avocado

Cocktails and Avocados at #CMWorld15

“What part of Y’all don’t Y’all Understand?” – How will our sassy, Southern ways play out in Chi-town? Well, we will find out soon as our Chief Digital Officer, Kathleen Stockham is set to keynote to a room full of lawyers as an invited speaker to the ABA National convention. “Tracking People Across the Web” is a very controversial topic in a lot of legal hallways and problematic to compliance and privacy attorneys everywhere. Kathleen will be joined by an attorney from the Federal Trade Commission and 4 other Privacy and Compliance counsel to debate just “how much is too much” tracking across all platforms including social media. Are you entitled to Privacy in your own Digital Footprint?

(Let’s hope she makes it out of Chicago alive! But she better bring back some pizza too!)

Things We are Loving Right Now – We went to 2 Big conferences in 1 week (Content Marketing World and INBOUND) and we took a lot of notes! But most importantly we listened to folks both on the stage and at our roundtables talk a lot about Content Marketing. What’s “right,” what is “best practice” and what “best format” is.

The answer is… ALL of it!

The primary theme we kept hearing over and over is HAVE   A   STRATEGY!!!

The actual “mechanics” of content marketing vary from organization to organization and brand to brand, but the starting point is a strategy that clearly defines goals and audiences attempted and even a “Plan B” when your preferred strategy fails. Do you have a “failover” strategy? Are you willing to scrap your plans and start over? Do you have a “method” to your madness?

(We do, but it also involves a lot of crying and beer and we won’t get into that here…)

Say What? – Is Twitter really reading your DM’s (direct messages)??!! According to a Plaintiff in Texas, Twitter is scanning DM’s for long-form links to outside articles and truncating them to the “TW” form of “bitly” thus they are able to claim credit for Twitter being a top referring engine. But it raises other questions about Twitter and their ability to “see” into your DM’s overall.

Similar to a Facebook suit 2 years ago about interference in so-called “Facebook Affairs,” the social platforms are increasingly “present” in what were purported to be private communications between two users.

(Awww come on, there is no privacy in social media. If you won’t wear it on a T-shirt in front of your Grandma, you probably should not write it in social media either public or “private.”)

Slide right out of those DM’s! See our friends at MediaPost for more on this case:

Ain’t That Special? – Congrats to our partners in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. The Gulf Coast area was recently named by The Travel Channel as One of the Top Roadtrips in 2015 because of the incredible food and views…and let’s face it, SHRIMP! Read about it here:

Until Next Time Campers…