Travel Content Wrangler

Compass Media, Inc. – Gulf Shores, Alabama

JOB TITLE: Travel Content Wrangler
HOURS: Contract

Position Description
The Travel Content Wrangler will be responsible for assisting Compass Media with the day-to-day execution of content marketing initiatives. What in the world does that mean? Good question.

Basically we’re looking for a killer copywriter who dominates social media and has at least dabbled in WordPress.

Ideally, you’re located in Baldwin or Mobile County (spoiler alert: that’s the region we’re promoting). We’re looking for someone who really knows this area. Someone who can tell readers about roadside BBQ stands, where to park during Mardi Gras, and what in the world a Jubilee is.

This Travel Content Wrangler is someone who loves the Alabama Gulf Coast (& its events, people, attractions, restaurants…you get the point), and is prepared to tell its story with beautiful prose and a local’s perspective. Is this you? If you answered yes, then keep reading…

Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Complete management of content across all Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram
  • Compose blogs, obtain appropriate pictures, and post to site
  • Write and curate travel-centered email campaigns
  • Assist in planning, managing, and implementing lead-generation activities

And, of course, there are perks to the gig. Our Travel Content Wrangler will get free admission & VIP access to regional events, plus get to hobnob with some pretty important folks.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Strong writing, editing, and proofreading ability
  • No really…you’re seriously articulate, persuasive, & excel at telling stories
  • Knowledgeable about Mobile and Baldwin Counties
  • Strong computer skills:
    • Basic knowledge of WordPress
    • Ability to apply best practice on major social media platforms
    • Word is your jam.
  • Excellent Organizational skills
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member and to manage requests from multiple clients

How to apply: Submit links or physical writing samples, a resume, and cover letter to  with the subject Travel Content Wrangler. Be sure to tell us why you’re suitable for the job (we’re sure you’re a real swell dude or lady, but give us a short description of why you are the right candidate).