About Compass Media

From humble beginnings, across almost 30 years, Compass Media has led the way in telling the stories of our clients across a myriad of industries with innovative marketing and promotional materials. Each time, our success and the success of our clients has been predicated on adherence to our most basic values - passion, integrity, personal relationships, perseverance, collaboration, and a desire to help share every client’s most valuable asset: their story.


Our roots are proudly southern, but that doesn’t mean we’re provincial. While we draw from those roots in a region where storytelling is bred into our bones, we understand the reality that almost instantaneous communication continues to shrink our world. Conversations travel in microseconds. For every business with access to a computer, the world is now your market. Compass offers clients effective and data-focused options for initiating and/or incorporating key technologies into programs to maximize results, reach new markets, and engage communications with target audiences. Our Executive team has an average of 20+ years in the tourism and marketing industry for top destinations and Fortune 100 companies.

Meet the Crew

Why a Turtle?

compass-turtle We like to think of Compass Media’s business as helping clients navigate their way through the currents of challenging waters of marketing. But, there’s more to it than that. The sea turtle actually represents a much bigger picture of Compass Media’s philosophy and practices and is iconic of the company’s passion for sustainable business and tourism. We are proud of our long-standing history of supporting local environmental causes.