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Compass Media has established a tradition of achieving results for companies and organizations seeking to promote their destinations, businesses and services. Our wide range of capabilities allows us to pinpoint your needs and work with you to plot your course.


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Why Compass Media?

The Things We’ve Seen

For 30 years, we have created industry-leading custom publications, marketing programs, print guides, TV commercials, integrated campaigns, and comprehensive digital services for the travel, tourism and leisure vertical. We’ve seen a lot, and we’re always ready to see more.

We Understand Community

We are proud of our community, so we work hard to make our community proud of us. It is our belief that companies should be integral parts of their communities. We are committed to our families, neighbors, civic life and to preserving the magnificent coastal environment we love.

Conversation over Communication

In the modern world change is both rapid and constant. We understand the new, digital universe has the ability to transform a vast audience into a small neighborhood. There is no one-size-fits-all communication; it’s about having multiple personal conversations. That is the language we speak.

Our Work

Through the years, we have partnered with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects. Instead of telling you about it, let us show you what we can do.

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